Speeding can lead to unforeseen results
Speeding can lead to unforeseen results!

Our Speed Awareness Courses are based around a training process designed to improve a Driver’s awareness of speed management. Working on a structured coaching approach covering,

  • Why we speed?
  • The driving environment,
  • understanding of speed limits,
  • the perception of risk in regard to speed,
  • the consequences of Breaking the speed limit
  • Understanding how we can recognise the desire within ourselves to speed

Above all it is designed to equip drivers with the necessary skills to reduce their likelihood of speeding, being convicted of speeding or being involved in a crash.

Courses cover all types of vehicle and through the sharing of participants’ own experiences and perceptions the Workshop creates an environment of lively debate and questioning. This enables the group to discover for themselves the contributory factors relating to speeding.

Speed awareness can save fuelSummary

  • Maximum 12 delegates
  • Anywhere in UK
  • Explores consequences of speeding
  • Improves driver knowledge, awareness and risk perception of speeding
  • Proven to reduce accidents by up to 25%